Breaking Ground…

Welcome to day one of a grand experiment. As a greenie-at-heart, but not always in practice, I’ve been gliding through life claiming to be more ecologically friendly than I must really be. Heck, I’m not even sure what the best steps to take will be! So, in a spirit of jump on in the deep end, I acquired my first solar panel this morning. I feel greener already, even though it’s just sitting in a dark corner at my house. It’s old and needs some love before it’s going to work, but I’m determined to make it replace something in my life that uses grid power. The guy who graciously freecycled his old panel said that it would charge a 12 volt battery (a car battery). Okay! Now I need a battery, a converter, and a clue about how to hook this stuff all up! Looks like I’ll need make a few smart friends along the way.

Rather than tell you this blog will be this or that, and fail miserably, I’m going to let it just grow like one of those mystery seeds you pick up off the floor. If I succeed at learning anything, maybe you’ll learn something too! If not, well, I’ll try at least not to make things boring. Thanks for stopping by.

Here’s my textbook!

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