Making Smart Friends

It’s clear to me that succeeding in any complex task requires good advice from people who’ve been there before. Are you that person? I’ve been lucky enough to find kind people to donate equipment to me (Thank you everyone!), and I do have a few technically savvy buddies who can hopefully guide me through the physical electronics work. And of course, the internet is the biggest blessing ever given to a student. But that alone isn’t going to get me off the grid. If you ever read something here and think “this lady’s talking out her arse”, you might be right. I’m certainly not too proud to be corrected. And from the number of people asking me about solar living, I get the feeling I’m not the only one who could use some good advice. Please, share!

And if you’re stopping by, whether to learn, teach, or whatever, feel free to introduce yourself and tell everyone a bit about your own story and where you’d like to see your lifestyle evolve. There just may be someone else reading who has the answer to your questions or who could use encouragement from someone who’s “been there”. To learn a little more about me (if you aren’t tired of me talking about my life already!) check out the Meet Solarious tab up top. I look forward to meeting you!


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