Commitment – eat less fast food

Back to the experiment. In order to keep the planet happy, I want to eliminate fast food from my diet. For several years, this goal was a reality (I was a happy vegetarian!), but lifestyle changes allowed the ugly monster to creep back into my life. If you’ve ever read the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlossinger, you know this is a very bad thing for all sorts of reasons. If you haven’t, please, check it out, you’ll never feel the same about that Whopper Jr. again. While I continue to tinker with the solar panel and other such projects, I’m making a commitment, the first solid reduction in my carbon diet. My first step toward energy independence will be to eliminate frequent trips to the Del Tacos and Wendy’s of the earth, and replace them with healthier alternatives that don’t entail enslaving some poor worker for $5 hourly. Or eating genetically modified chickens, etc.

Fast Food

Instead, I went to the 99 cents only store and picked up bread, peanut butter, jelly, lettuce, and some tuna. Yes, I know, this food isn’t exactly a locally-grown organic cornucopia, but hey, a gal’s gotta start somewhere! For the money I’d spend on two Wendy’s caesar side salads (which rank up there with my favorite fast food eats), I get a week of good lunches, and the satisfaction of knowing that I’m not supporting some fast food uber-corporation’s march to colonize the planet. And it’s a lot less plastic and other persistent trash going into the can.

Eventually, I’ll switch out the processed commercial foods I’m buying now for either local produce or things grown at home. One change – will it make a difference? I’ll let you know how it goes!


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    […] intervening this week, making shop time scarce. So, in the mean time, I concentrated on my first COMMITMENT, eating less fast food. It’s much harder to do than I’d imagined, given that my daily […]

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