The best website ever?

Oh, how I love Freecycle. It might be the best site on earth for getting people to reuse the things sitting in their garage gathering “don’t need it, but can’t toss it” dust. I’ve been able to find a lot of the materials necessary for solar projects just by asking. Maybe that has something to do with living in Sunny CA, the mecca of earth-friendly solar enthusiasts, but I’m pretty sure with a little ingenuity, you can get started on your solar projects with little more than a bit of gas money. Just remember to return the love when someone asks for that one-of-a-kind thingamajig you have rotting in the basement.

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    […] become more aware of your planetary footprint. For example, you’ll find a glowing review of Freecycle, the site I profiled earlier in the week. And a nice story about the life (and death) of plastic […]

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    […] wireless card broke after a week of intermittently kicking me off. So, I freecycled for another (if you don’t Freecycle, read my previous post) and received two. I tell you this entire story basically to show how even in difficult situations […]

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