I did find my soldering iron the other day and was ready to get started on the solar panel repair. And then I remembered, of course, that it uses a plug. Which, if you’ve read my other posts, is a problem, as I don’t use electricity at home. So, FINALLY, today, I unearthed a handy tool that I’d forgotten about – a little pocket blowtorch that fuels up like a refillable butane lighter. Sweet! Now there are no excuses.

Real life (yes I know, we bloggers aren’t supposed to have one of those) has been intervening this week, making shop time scarce. So, in the mean time, I concentrated on my first COMMITMENT, eating less fast food. It’s much harder to do than I’d imagined, given that my daily food budget is something like five dollars, and I have no kitchen (yet).

Here’s the report: Total elimination of fast food burgers is a step in the right direction. CHECK. However, not to starve while greening up my own kitchen, I did eliminate two foods from the “nasty list”: bean and cheese burritos and side salads. I’m sure many of you out there could point me to a million reasons why these two foods should disappear as well. Yeah, I know. But my stomach doesn’t speak green quite yet. And my pocketbook definitely doesn’t either! =)

Carrots, yum! In the interest of not boring people with “what I ate for lunch today” syndrome, I’ll spare you the details of what replaced what. But with lots of veggies taking over main food duty (I forgot how much I love carrots!), suffice it to say I’m feeling a little better already. Next up, eliminating caffeinated sodas from the repertoire. Baby steps, people! I’m currently waiting for a copy of Skinny Bitch: A no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous! to arrive at the library. You can read a good review of it at Vegsource.com, itself a great resource. From all indications, it’s going to be a boot camp guide to eating right and saving the planet. Just what the fast food junkie ordered.

What do you eat to snack healthily?  Favorite easy vegetarian meals?

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