And now for something completely different…

You may see from time to time (like in the post below) a box stating “Clipped from Clipmarks” in a post. Well, it isn’t exactly an earth-saving technology, but Clipmarks can save you a lot of time if you are storing information from the internet. And that, in turn, could result in less time on the computer, and therefore less energy used. Certainly less of your own brain energy! Clipmarks allows you to “clip” certain sections of a webpage and then do one of many things with it. If the item you’ve clipped is less than 1000 characters (you will quickly find out how small this really is!), then you can save it to a public clipcast, which is basically your own TV show of the things you like across the web. You can also post directly to a blog, as I do here. If you have something longer you want to save, go ahead! The interface will still allow you to save longer clips privately (so you can still access them), or (my favorite feature) email the clip to yourself, the full text and a link back to the original source, not just a link to visit somewhere else and retrieve the info. Basically it’s copy and paste super-charged. And then, to top things off, you can post your clips to the’s and reddits of the world with a single click. I’d only be slightly exaggerating if I said it’s changed the whole way I do business on the web. Best of all, if you use firefox, you can get the clipmarks extension, which will place a nice little button in your browser bar to automate the process even further.

Remember, there are a million ways (at least!) to rethink your activities and make them more earth friendly. Especially once you decide to make the leap toward off-grid living, this site could be a big help in getting your facts straight and organized so you can actually find them again. ‘Cause we all forget things sometimes. =p


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