Powered by…You!

Here’s an amazing, “why didn’t someone think of it before” idea. Of course, it’s from the ever smart and innovative students of MIT. (Side plug, if you’re ever looking for some great reading, check out MIT’s Technology Review, available online or in stores. It’s loaded with cutting-edge and interesting ideas for the future)Basically, this idea takes the power of human gravity and converts it to usable energy.

Yep. It’s that simple. What I want to see is a super-charged home version of the system, so you can actually power your home as you run around after your dog (or kids), for instance. Visit their site for more info.

clipped from crowd-farming.com

Crowd farming

How can we find alternative energy from simple human movement? Well, the idea for this alternative energy source came from a pair of MIT students Tad Juscyzk and James Graham. The duo announced their ideas at the Holcim Forum 2007 awards ceremony where they won top honors.

The project seeks to convert the energy of human movement in places where it is abundant and dense, like in urban settings, to energy suitable for consumer use. Juscyzk and Graham’s crowd farm was based in Boston’s South Station terminal. The floor of this popular railway destination would contain a responsive sub-flooring system made up of blocks. These nodes would depress slightly when stepped upon and would be in station’s main lobby. The friction of the blocks as people walked would generate power through a dynamo, or a device converting energy of motion to this new form of alternative energy.

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