The Green Guide from National Geographic

National Geographic has a long history of both excellent journalism and unabashed support of nature and her many splendors. So when I heard about The Green Guide, I was pretty excited. And a visit to their website only enforced this emotion. You can find the Green Guide by check-stands at Whole Foods Markets around the country, but for a greener alternative to all that paper, just stop by their site. The inaugural issue is packed with good tips on how to green your life and become more aware of your planetary footprint. For example, you’ll find a glowing review of Freecycle, the site I profiled earlier in the week. And a nice story about the life (and death) of plastic bags headed for WalMart. And they have a Green Tips newsletter which will deliver good news to you weekly. Check it out!

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    nikpi said,

    This looks great! Thank you very much for having posted it!

    As for Walmart: they should be ashamed of their “Green” campaign… Promoting sustainability involves more than selling re-usable bags. Among those are fair labour laws. Someone once told me “no one is free until we all are free,” this most certainly applies here.

    Again: thank you kindly!

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