DIY Wind Turbine for your home

Here are full instructions for building your turbine

DIY Wind Rotor

This guy builds a nice wind rotor for home power generation. He claims to get 1000 Watts Average in 20MPH Wind. Either way, the design is attractive, scalable, and doesn’t look like it will scare the neighbors too much. Check it out!

NOTE: since this was posted, the listed page has been removed.  Here are two more links to low-cost vertically constructed turbines:

and a smaller scale project to whet your appetite:—Version-One/

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    It`s really nice to hear about such innovative and creative ideas especially that it contributes to the eco-friendly plans. Many people living in Toronto houses are very keen to remodel their home to fit more to this image and one feels really useful taking part in that. I would definitely recommend to them to check out this rotor, it`s always better to design our own appliances than to purchase it for incredible high prices.

  2. 2

    Bruce said,

    The author of the above plans has removed them and is now trying to sell his wind turbine.

    However, this site has excellent FREE plans for a DIY wind turbine with lots of pictures that help to explain each step. Take a look…


  3. 3

    solarious said,

    Here is another link to a DIY home wind turbine on the instructables site. This one is 1000w capacity.

  4. 4 offers charge controllers, plans and info on wind turbines for do-it-yourselfers

  5. 5

    Wpw, there sure are a lot of different ways to generate free electricity!

    Great resources people. Here’s one that offers step by step plans, illustrations, videos, and liftetime updates:

    Solar and Wind Power

  6. 6

    Illy said,

    OMG you guys that’s an awesome idea!!
    Thanks so much for the help in saving the planet. You rock ^^

  7. 7

    Thanks for the free links, all I’ve found was paid plans for a long time.

    Oh and long live alternative energy!

  8. 8

    Kat Bockli said,

    Check out this video of an Illinois Elementary school who installed a wind turbine!

  9. 9

    […] – Video TourBuild Your Wind Turbine – Energy Saving Home-Made Wind Power GeneratorDIY Wind Turbine for your home […]

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