Stylish and Sensible: Solar Roof Tiles

Solar Roof Tiles

Here’s a really nicely executed concept hitting the research airwaves. Sebastian Braat, an Australian designer working on his graduate thesis, came up with a combination solar electric solar thermal roof tile that not only has up to 18% efficiency, but also is adaptable and looks really sleek.

You can more than power an average sized family home with only 200 tiles.  That allows for more placement options to suit your situation, and there are plans to develop a variety of different styles.  Mr. Braat concerns himself with “easing the power burden our housing estates are rapidly creating” in innovative and informative ways.

No word yet on cost, but file this one away in your “near future” pile.

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    sharon said,

    Well! Sounds great! Available in California yet? If so, how much? Best


  2. 2

    solarious said,

    Hi Sharon – Yes, these are a great integration of form and function! Here’s the contact info for a company in California that installs these tiles. I’m pretty sure they’re done on a contract estimate basis rather than a set price per tile. If you decide to install some, let me know how they work!

    Integrated Power Corporation
    504 Redwood Blvd. Suite 230
    Novato, CA 94947

    Phone (415) 884-5555

    Fax (415) 884-5557

    and here is the web page link to the tiles:

    and here’s another California based company that installs the tiles:

    Premier Power – 1-877-939-0400

    call them for a consultation on price and to fit your needs.

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