Link: “How I built my Solar Panel”

How I built my solar panel

The link above demonstrates a nice DIY version of a solar array, using damaged solar modules that can be bought at low price on eBay. This resourceful astronomer also built himself a DIY wind turbine, so if you’re considering doing either, this is worth a look.

This panel was designed to work in sunny Arizona (a beautiful state!), which is a perfect place for setting up an array, especially given the large number of off-grid properties there which would be prohibitively expensive to wire up to the utility power company.

He includes lots of good tips about what to look for when buying your solar panel modules to string together into the final product, so you can learn from his mistakes, and also know a bit more about what is actually important to the functioning of the modules. Above is a picture of the finished box containing the panel. Good luck with construction!

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    In addiction you can get free solar panels from highway departments because they are often part of machinery that gets damaged and thrown away. A more useful and cost effective method is to use solar thermal technology that will heat your house.

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    The Sunsei Solar 6-watt 120-volt charger is a solar panel designed to provide reliable, renewable energy as an alternative to noisy and expensive diesel, propane and gas generators. This solar panel is ideal for medium-sized boats, RVs, trucks, and tractors, and can also be used to charge portable electronics, deer feeders, gate openers, and fence charges. It is engineered to maintain a 12-volt deep-cycle battery, it will keep a battery topped off when not in use. The weatherproof solar charger provides immediate trickle-charge when exposed to daylight, even on cloudy days. Its “Plug-n-Play” features allows connection of multiple panels in seconds without tools or rewiring; it also features a touch-action indicator to show when the panel is charging. The panel comes with 1 1 cigarette lighter adapter,1 female cigarette lighter adapter,1 battery clamp connector,1 terminal ring connector,1 extension cable (10-foot),1 panel-to-panel jumper cable, 4 mounting screws. It is 14.8-by-14.2-by-1 inch in size and weighs 3.3 pounds. It is covered by a 10-year warranty.

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    Really good diy solar panels. Let me try and I will be back to let you know again

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    Reuben said,

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