Healing Yourself Naturally Part One

Happy New Year, Solarious fans!  Having just gotten over a nasty flu, it seems a perfect moment to discuss natural healing techniques.  The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest in the world.  Yet despite the trillions of dollars that have been poured into research, marketing, and sales of these medicines, we as a planet are sicker than ever.  We may live longer, but we live on crutches, both physical and chemical, which limit the value of the lives we are leading.  How can this be so?  Well, ask a thousand doctors and you’ll probably get as many answers.  However a few things cannot be denied.  Today, we’ll look at the reasons we have to take better care of ourselves than ever, and then tomorrow, we’ll discuss ways to get ourselves back on our feet without supporting the drug companies, who are responsible for some pretty atrocious acts upon our earth.

The quality of the food that you eat today is nothing like the food your parents grandparents ate.  Even if you consider yourself a healthy eater, a vegetarian/vegan, follow a strict macrobiotic diet, whatever, the quality of the actual food that goes into your body has declined over time.   This is the unappetizing consequence of the industrial farming system, one in which plants and animals are bred purely for their appearance and ability to sit for long periods on store shelves, rather than their inherent nutritional qualities.  Of the hundreds of apple varieties available in the United States at the turn of the twentieth century, commercial growers winnowed down to just five or six different varieties that were chosen for two characteristics: sweetness and the ability to look good on the shelf.  Given that apples are grown on grafted trees, all of the apples you enjoy today are identical genetic clones of or direct offspring of these clones of the aforementioned five varieties.  Seriously.  That Jonagold you crave?  A Jonathan apple and a Golden delicious.  For a really excellent discussion of this whole quagmire of genetic reduction in this noble fruit, check out “The Botany of Desire” by Michael Pollan.  Actually, go read it anyway, you’re going to love it.

But back to the larger point: as we reduce the genetic variety available in the foods we eat, we reduce the possibly helpful combinations of nutrients available to our bodies.  We also increase the chances that our food supplies will all be stricken by some bug or another and never recover, therefore extinguishing that source of nutrition from our available diets forever.  There is talk that the banana plant, the most harvested fruit on the planet, may go extinct within the next fifty years because almost all commercially grown bananas are of only one variety, which has recently been attacked in Asia by a lethal disease that spraying cannot stop.  It is only a matter of time, scientists theorize, until that disease makes its way to South America and poof!  No more bananas for the world.  Scary stuff.  And of course this same scenario applies to things like cows, for you burger lovers out there.

So now you realize how important the quality of the food you put into the system is.  But have you ever thought about the processes to which your food is subjected before you ever get to lay hands on it?  When you microwave food, pasteurize it, can it, or freeze it, there can occur chemical and physical changes within the food that alter your body’s ability to utilize the nutrients within.  Some nutrients are outright destroyed by these processes, all of which are relatively new scientific techniques in the last hundred years or so. Eat a freezer dinner, which has probably been subjected to all of the above processes at one point or another, and, well, I THINK there are some nutrients in there, but…

So your body’s immunity is likely lowered simply because of diet, unless you are eating raw, locally produced vegetables and perhaps small amounts of locally and sustainably raised meats and fish.  Now, what about your cell phone?  What?  My phone, you say?  Okay, not your phone specifically, but the myriad of wireless and electrical devices that crowd today’s home and urban landscape.  Electricity moves in waves, and waves have frequencies.  Most people don’t think of humans as electrical creatures but we, too, vibrate at certain frequencies within our bodies, as electricity is conducted around our bodies.  Every nerve operates this way, and every thought in your brain is an electrical impulse.  Now the thing about waves is that they are affected by each other, either in a complimentary or destructive fashion.  So all that electromagnetic frequency flying through the air DOES affect you, whether you like it or not.  Remember when they started to wonder whether cell phone rotted your brain a few years back?  Well, they never really publicized the results of those studies, because the reality is that putting a wave-emitting device up to your head for hours a day just is not good for you.  The scariest implication of this is that in today’s world, there are really very few places you can go to get away from the invasive waves flying overhead.   Makes you look at that cell phone dead spot in a whole new light.

Add to the above the increased daily stress of living a high paced life in today’s society – we sleep less, work more, travel on germ infested planes, come into contact with more people, take fewer rest periods, and exercise WAY less – coupled with the fact that we have largely lost touch with the natural cycles of the earth such as getting up and going to bed with the sun each day as our ancestors have done since the beginnings of time, and it’s easy to see why our bodies’ defenses are at an all time low when it comes to fighting off what are increasingly potent viruses, bugs, and mutations that cause illness and death.

You can do a lot for yourself just by making sure you eat as well as possible and get plenty of rest.  And DRINK LOTS OF WATER everyone!  Your body has a higher water content than an apple, so if you’ve ever watched one wither away on your countertop, you know exactly what’s going on in your body when you eschew this wonder fluid.  But these are the basics.  Check back tomorrow, when we’ll cover medicinal herbs, electromagnetic frequency stabilization techniques, and other low-chemical ways to bring the temple that is your body back into greater harmony with yourself and the earth around you.

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