Healing Yourself Naturally Part Two

Okay, time for the second installment of our healing naturally series.  Now that you know all about the different hazards conspiring to keep you from healthy happy living, let’s focus on what you can do to keep yourself in tip top shape when flu season or the cold n’ nasties hit your town.

First, eliminate as many sources of needless electromagnetic radiation as possible from your environment.  Turn off your cell phone when you’re not taking calls, unplug appliances when not in use, turn off your computer whenever possible, and generally try to avoid having more wireless gadgets than you really need.  I know, easier said than done, right?  This is as good a reason as any to try to spend some quality time at the park or other natural spaces where limited numbers of electronic devices dwell.  Not only that, but you’ll be supporting our faltering National Park system, which is crumbling under the weight of budget cuts.  But given that you do probably spend a lot of time at home, consider creating an EMF (electromagnetic frequency) free zone.  This can be done by picking a room and having it outfitted with a screen mesh designed to block such frequencies.  BlockEMF.com sells a “budget radio shield” curtain that only costs $6.  Hard to beat that!  They also sell Flectron copper fabric which can be used to coat an entire room using instructions available on their site.  You can also just protect your person by wearing EMF blocking clothing such as the garments available to LessEMF.com, which are a lightweight silver mesh that slips easily under other clothing.  Check out the page here to see their designs: www.lessemf.com.

EMF shielding clothing

EMF shielding clothing

Now that you’ve eliminated some of the errant frequencies in your daily environs, we can move on to diet, where we spent a great deal of yesterday’s article dissecting the dangers of eating food in the new millennium.  First, and foremost, you should eat locally whenever possible.  While locally produced food is no guarantee that it will be grown organically, by choosing small farmers who personally represent their wares at Farmer’s Markets, you not only get a better sense of where your food comes from and the work that goes into it, you are helping to support varieties of plants that are best suited to your climate, which helps to preserve biodiversity.  And trust me, the food at such markets TASTES so much better than what you get in the Ubermarket.  So if you can’t grow your own, go for this route or the increasingly popular CSA delivery programs instead.

Now that you’re committed to going local, what to buy when you visit the market?  There are a whole host of “superfoods” cropping up (sorry, couldn’t help myself) in markets today, all promising to make you look like Gisele with the skin of a twenty year old.  Hey, I’m all for beauty too, but let’s keep things in perspective.  Here are some foods that WILL help boost your immune system.

1. fresh garlic: garlic stimulates the production of white blood cells in your body, which increases your ability to fight off infections and diseases when they attack.  While eating a whole raw clove is supposedly the best for you, understandably, you may not be up to the taste or ensuing vampire (and loved one) repellent qualities.  So try stir frying a little fresh garlic into your next dinner without overcooking it and you can expect a similar immune boost.  Personally, I like baked garlic, which gets all nice and mushy and sweet as it cooks, paired with fresh tomatoes and some mozzarella cheese with balsamic vinegar.  Mmmmm!  And remember, garlic is an incredibly easy plant to grow, so if you’re willing to venture into gardening, this is a great candidate on many fronts.

2. citrus fruit: yep, good ol’ vitamin C in a convenient to carry biodegradable case.  Citrus is nature’s doctor in a ball.  If the idea of lots of orange juice has you blahed out or feeling heartburn, consider Acai, strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe, cherries, and other fruits which pack the vitamin C punch without some of the acids.  And when you do feel something coming on, a big dose of vitamin C such as that found in Emergen-C packets will help your body to gain enough strength to cut it off at the pass.

3. zinc-rich foods: shellfish are very high in zinc, but you can also get a respectable amount from legumes such as beans.  You can supplement zinc, but beware overloading on it.  Zinc helps your body produce t cells, the agents that fight off disease in the blood.

Above all else, eating fresh foods as compared to those in cans or frozen will go a long way to making sure that the nutrients that are naturally present in the foods will still be available to you when you eat them.  Don’t overcook, eat raw when possible, and as I just said, avoid canned foods which often leach metals from their containers into the food you you eat.

So now that you’re avoiding EMF and eating right, the next step is exercise.  If you’re an off-grid enthusiast like I know you are, you’re probably already above the average when it comes to the amount of daily exercise you get.  After all, those solar panels aren’t going to clean themselves, and you realize that short trips are a great reason to walk instead of taking that pollution spitting car.  By exercising daily in some form or another, you’re not only keeping your muscles healthy and staying in cardiovascular shape, you’re probably also getting a nice healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun.  Studies have shown that vitamin D plays a large role in determining how well our bodies can fight off disease.  And unless you live somewhere in the arctic circles or a constantly rainy clime, the sun is the most consistent way to get this super nutrient.  In winter months, the sun doesn’t shine for as many hours a day, so its extra important to grab rays where and when possible.  This goes for those of you in recovery too.  Florence Nightengale found that the single best indicator of how well a patient will recover is the amount of direct sunlight to which they were exposed.

So there you have it, three easy ways to make sure that this year you won’t be the one sniffling at the board meeting, all without resorting to prescription drugs.  This is especially important as studies roll in indicating that our world’s water supplies are becoming tainted with a cocktail of drugs, many of which are harmful to those who don’t need to be on them.  And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you don’t support the multinational conglomerates who charge so much for their wares that people in developing countries can’t afford to even take advantage of the lifesaving properties of the drugs that COULD help them.  And that’s a very healthy way to approach your consumerism, indeed!  Here’s to your health!

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