Very green paper

Though we’d all love to ditch the paper habit entirely, there are times when you just have to write something down. And when that happens, there’s nothing I love more than a nice, neat and professional looking paper notebook that makes everything you put inside look that much more important and lasting! Check out this company, WhiteLines, which makes some really sweet paper that even comes with a printed Carbon footprint on each book.
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White Lines Carbon Neutral Swedish Paper

White Lines factory reuses their carbon emissions in a closed loop, making for zero CO2 emissions, for one. Then they offset what they can’t reuse (transportation, etc) via planting trees in Africa, as coordinated by environmental consultancy U&W (interestingly pronounced “You & We” in Swedish) The wood used for the paper comes from locally sourced, sustainably managed forests, and woodchip waste from sawmills. And every package tells you the precise carbon footprint, the materials traced back to the source.

The paper uses white lines rather then black or blue. And? And that means less visual competition between pen/pencil strokes on the line. This does two things: When copying or faxing, the white lines disappear, so you can draw using grid paper as a guide, then when others see it, all there is is your drawing. For those learning to write, the focus is squarely on the writing, without the distraction of other lines.

available domestically in the US today, through Amazon
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