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Cambridge World History of Food (2 Volumes) NatureMill Composter Organic Garden

Hopefully you’ve noticed the lovely lack of advertising here at Solarious. I do this because I like to learn and I like to share, and I hate ads cluttering the horizon as much as the next person. But, of course, that doesn’t usually put money in my pocket to go toward trying out every cool new gizmo and innovation for a first-hand product review.

So, rather than bombard you with junk requests to help pay my bills, I only ask that if you like what you read, stop by every once in a while and consider donating a cup of coffee or so to the cause.  You can make a donation securely through PayPal using your account or any credit card by using the button below.  If you’d like me to use the funds to purchase and review a particular item, just let me know in the message field when making your donation and I’ll be happy to accommodate all requests possible!

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If you’d prefer to simply buy an item (maybe you have some super price hookup, or a product you’d really like reviewed on this site?) and send it to me to test out for the site, that will certainly give you the most control over what gets reviewed. You can email Solarious to get a shipping address.  Email Solarious

You’ll also find one rotating philanthropic link featuring an organization that does something so amazing, they just had to get some props. If you think they’re great, donate.

Today’s featured organization is a simple pledge you can sign to fight against world hunger. Sign the petition, forward your personal link to friends and colleagues, and watch how your own action spreads across the globe as people sign the petition based on your link. The site includes a nice Google Maps visualization of that influence which I hope becomes a standard feature of social actions sites. Check it out, watch the short video, and sign the pledge here: 1BillionHungry.org

Take a stand!

As always, thank you for your readership, Solarious wouldn’t be what it is today without you!

Companies: if you have an earth-saving product that you would like me to give an honest review on this site, please email me here to make arrangements.

Current Wish List:

Products I think are great:

NatureMill Composter NatureMill Composter

The Cambridge World History of Food Cambridge World History of Food

Solio Mg Solar Charger Solio MG Solar Charger

Excalibur Food Dehydrator Excalibur Food Dehydrator

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