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Hope You’re Thirsty!

Water, water everywhere! As you already know, water, the fresh, drinkable kind, is an increasingly scarce resource these days. Which is why you take short showers, water gardens at non-peak sun hours, and put off washing your car every week (at least it’s a great excuse!). But did you know that every 8 oz. cup of joe you slurp down in the morning uses 140 liters of water? Or that every cup of tea uses 35 liters? Better hope you’re thirsty!

Cuppa Joe

You see, the real water use of a product includes not only the eight ounces of H2O that you put into the coffee maker, but also the water used in the growth and processing of the plant that becomes your morning wake-up potion. Even if you make a habit of conserving water directly, your buying habits can make a HUGE difference in the amount of actual water your lifestyle consumes. To find out more about your REAL water consumption, visit and use their handy water calculator to determine whether that weekly BigMac is using more than it’s fair share of your budget (trust me, it is: 1 lb of beef requires a staggering 8,000 liters of water to produce!).

While you’re there, check out the data on the nations of the world and how they score on their water footprints. Compare the nations’ abilities to limit their consumption to domestic supplies. You’ll probably be surprised.

So next time you’re at the market, consider buying more foods that have a minimal water footprint, rather than water-heavy meats and processed foods. And if you need a jolt in the morning, try tea instead of coffee, or even better, an alternative combination like fresh fruit and a morning walk. After all, with so many of the world’s population literally running out of potable water to drink, it’s one of the most effective ways you can help to share the wealth.

As a parting shot, take a look at this booklet, produced by the World Wildlife Fund, concerning agriculture and the environmental devastation caused by “thirsty crops”.

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EPA Carbon Calculator

Here’s another carbon calculator for you to try: This one is from the EPA, and has a nice feature that allows you to not only calculate your emissions, but also learn what you can do to reduce your totals through specific actions. I thought this site was better than most in ease of use and allowing you to customize your results in cases of unusual living habits. However, it doesn’t cover lifestyle choices like buying recycled goods, etc. Click the link below to get started on your test… my results are below.
clipped from
EPA has developed tools to help individuals (and households) reduce greenhouse
gas emissions and take action. Businesses and organizations interested in educating
their employees and members about what they can do at home to help protect
our climate can also use these tools.
Use this online calculator to obtain an estimate of your personal greenhouse
gas emissions or your family’s greenhouse gas emissions. Then move on
to the next section of the calculator to explore actions you and/or your family
can take to lower your emissions while reducing your energy and waste disposal
costs. For each action you choose to take, the calculator displays the amount
of emissions you could avoid and how that amount relates to your total emissions.

[logo] US EPA
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My Carbon Emission Totals My Carbon Reduction Potential

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