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Parabolic Home Solar Cooker

Here’s a nice-looking example of a home solar cooker… one that could potentially even REPLACE your regular cooking station. The Vesta is a large-scale parabolic cooker made up of individual mirrors that focus on the pot. It’s a little high-maintenance sounding, to have to adjust the mirrors every ten minutes or so as the site recommends, but seeing the light focused on the bottom of the pot lets you know that you’re getting the sun’s maximum power at any moment. At a price of $175 in DIY construction, this solar cooker might be a good second oven, once you’ve successfully gotten a few meals under your belt.
Vesta Parabolic Solar Cooker
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The Vesta solar concentrating array is designed to be small enough to be used at home, but powerful enough to provide heat energy at a scale people are used to. At 1.8kW, the Vesta delivers on the same scale as an average large electric stove element or stovetop gas burner.

Above, the Vesta is boiling a pot of water. The Vesta can bring 1 liter of water to the boil in 5 minutes, and can vaporize 2.75 liters per hour. The Vesta is primarily used for stove-top type applications like frying and boiling, but can also be equipped with a small baking oven, suitable for a few loaves of bread.

Named for the Roman goddess of the hearth, the Vesta can cook all the food and sterilize all� the drinking water for 5 people on a full-sun day.

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