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REMINDER: Earth Hour 2008 and Communikey

Okay, everyone! It’s that time… that’s right, it’s time to turn out your lights tonight and spend an hour in the dark helping to save the planet. What will you do with your time? If you’re having trouble thinking of something, you an always check out the World Wildlife Fund’s list of the top ten things they suggest (they are sponsors of Earth Hour 2008) or just visit the main Earth Hour 2008 site. Even Google is getting in on the act, “blacking out” their web page today with a sleek new look. Better make sure you have candles, and tell all your friends!

Earth Hour 2008 Reminder

While we’re on the subject of reminders

Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts

Artists, fellow greenies, and other whole living aficionados: Don’t forget to purchase your tickets here today for Communikey’s Electronic Arts Festival this April 18-20 in Boulder, CO. Find out more about the many reasons why you should attend this green event at their main website or in my previous post about the festival. This is a weekend you shouldn’t miss!

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EVENT: Communikey – In Harmony with the Earth

Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts

Music and art lovers, get ready to travel! You won’t want to miss this year’s Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Coinciding with Earth Day weekend (April 18-20, 2008) it’s going to be three days of performances, workshops, and art installations, all designed to inspire and educate about sustainable living in a technological world. If you’ve never been to Boulder, you owe yourself this green respite from the daily city grind. The scenery is breathtaking, and Communikey’s festival takes full advantage of their ideal location, scheduling events at cultural and community landmarks around town, such as the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

Best of all, Communikey organizers are implementing a zero-waste policy at the festival, offering recycling at all venues, placing events within easy walking or biking distance from each other, using hydro and solar power generators to power the events, and offering festival-goers the chance to buy carbon offsets for their travels to and from Boulder. Add in a panel discussion on how to create sustainable green arts communities, and you may receive as much education as enjoyment. But with the international line-up of cutting-edge electronic art performances scheduled, it won’t be stuffy, that’s for sure!

Communikey has an excellent reputation for creating events that promote the myriad possibilities of electronic art while fostering organic community growth both locally and on a global scale. Since 2004, Communikey has presented thirty unique events working with pioneering local, national, and international emerging artists [1]. David Last, a producer in NYC, had this to say about their events:

High quality, high energy, professionalism and good taste. New York, L.A., and San Francisco could actually learn a thing or two from what happens at Communikey events.

For this festival, Communikey has partnered with a variety of green sponsors, including Waste-Not Recycling, Pangaea Organics, the Boulder Arts Commission, and ATL&S.
So pack your bags, save trees by buying your festival passes online here, and get ready to have some nice green fun! See you in Boulder!

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Earth Hour – Do Your Part!

Earth Hour 2008

Earth Hour 2008

Visit this site, then join millions of people around the world in shutting off the lights for one hour on March 29, 2008. Really, this site doesn’t need too much explanation. If you’re an armchair off-grid enthusiast, this could be the event you’ve been waiting for. Easy, painless, lots of other people doing it with you. Do you need another reason? Okay, they’ll even put your picture on their web-page when you sign up. If none of the above appeals, then why are you reading this anyway? 😉 So remember: March 29, 2008, 8pm. See you on the dark side of the planet!

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